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Lettuce namely so called asparagus lettuce, it belongs to food of a kind of rootstock, taste mouthfeel is very fragile tender, and inside also included many nutrition. But modern society is to should pay attention to healthy diet, because food of this avery kind of should have particular note, for instance alimental collocation and practice are waited a moment. Take lettuce for, in living at ordinary times after all cannotShanghai Long Feng forum

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With what food cannot eat together?

Asparagus lettuce and what photograph are overcome?

Asparagus lettuce + the root of Chinese wild ginger

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Laborious of the root of Chinese wild ginger is lukewarm, induce sweat of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics. Photograph of neither of flavour of both function sex closes, do not feed lettuce, reduce medical effect otherwise.

Asparagus lettuce + cheese

Cheese is grease sex food, and lettuce sex is cold, both is fed togetherSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, bring about indigestion easily, or bellyacke diarrhoea. In the meantime, lettuce is unripe when feeding, because of catharsis ungodliness, yi Shouji gives birth to bug to pollute, wait like hookworm, ascarid, all go against health. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Asparagus lettuce and what photograph are overcome?

Asparagus lettuce + honey

Honey contains a lot ofwaxiness, have embellish bowel aperient action, but the food property of a medicine of honey is belonged to cool, asparagus lettuce sex is cold, both is fed together, adverse intestines and stomach, send diarrhoea easily, both is so unfavorable feed together.

Asparagus lettuce + pomegranate

After eating to fry asparagus lettuce, come again a pomegranate, ten million notices this different eastLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Overcome on the west, feed easy generation toxin together.

Asparagus lettuce and what photograph are overcome?

Asparagus lettuce is unfavorable eat raw

Asparagus lettuce besides cannot with above these feed material to eat together beyond, unwell still and accrete feed, because asparagus lettuce is to grow at subterranean a kind of vegetableNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, it is polluted particularly easily between growth period by helminth, the people when eating raw is very difficult a parasitism in asparagus lettuce is medium abluent, can let these helminth enter human body interior, the harm is healthy.

Use disease children more, the person that suffer from eye disease, gout and taste Xu Han, diarrhoea the person of jalf congealed is unfavorable edible. Average person is unfavorable also excessive or be often edible asparagus lettuce, can produce the toxic reaction that dazed be addicted to sleeps otherwise, bring about nyctalopia or cause disease of other key point.

If feed asparagus lettuce to cause nyctalopia and eye disease to need gastric disorder asparagus lettuce only more, can improve after a few days. Female menstruation comes during tide and the person of cold sex dysmenorrhoea, asparagus lettuce of diet cold and dressed with sause.

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