On April 18, you Jiuyou makes fun of (stock code, 600652) the banner starts to swim the 3D that issues company Shanghai violet key is instant warlike hand swims ” mob ” , chinese area itinerate tastes ancient bronze mirror meeting Beijing stands in center of Beijing country conference formal open.

” mob ” Chinese area itinerate tastes ancient bronze mirror meeting and congress of business affairs of 2016 international game and interactive entertainment exhibit the corresponding period to hold. As the top class sponsor of this second congress, you Jiuyou makes fun of (stock code, 600652) year hand swims your work ” mob ” as reveal a product exclusively to appear on congress of this business affairs ceremoniously. The spot configured device of much platform shift to experience for the audience ” mob ” game latest edition this, more Tecent MiniStation matchs 65 inches of big screen to bring more wonderful and direct warlike game voice to draw an experience for everybody.

It is OK that the spot tries the player that employ use Tecent is newest the MiniStation of equipment of play of family expenses sitting room that roll out joins 65 Cun Dabing act undertake trying playing, in trying the process that employ, can see game picture is very careful, blow up, the discharge that photon wall, antitank grenade, strafe waits skill a moment to go up in TV makes a person feel alarmingly dangerous is exciting, structure of clarity of grain of tree of flowers and plants, area and character model are extremely delicate, came true to carry each component to mar by right of powerful physical engine game, explosive soot effect, bodywork is bumped wait for many battles detail and visual specially good effect. ” mob ” warlike game face a feeling and film to view and admire a gender big pieces perfect union, reductive a Hollywood that can play is big.

The spot deployed a variety of shift to carry equipment to offer player experience, fall in different type and hardware configuration condition ” mob ” OK and perfect move, of factual proof game optimize achieved perfection, the player need not not follow to go up for his equipment hardware and be anxious. This locality that relies on powerful engine support and group of domestic research and development is changed, the homebred mobile phone that install eminent also can free plays game and can achieve 60 frame. Real time illumination, dynamic soft shadow, mutiple level ambient light of space of cubage mist effect, screen covers the technology that waits to show a shock result in lead plane end can perfect implementation is carried in the mobile phone, the player can experience unprecedented visual wallop from which.

Participate in the spot to try the player that employ to be pledged by the striking picture of game in succession, the battle process place that exceeds strategy to employ law, strain is attracted and gave superhigh the opinion, express ” mob ” the work that parades in current hand course of study is the paragraph makes person Jing colourful very much. More and professional player made early childhood to gave a few relevance and suggest valuably besides affirmation to game. Youliya aids the model outside the sexy Wukelan that the spot has a body to wear the military uniform that confuse colour more blast, guide a player to experience game, everybody expresses visit not empty, be admired by game Jing while big feast one’s eyes on.

” mob ” Chinese area tastes ancient bronze mirror to already can have the 2nd station at present, shenzhen, Wuhan and Shanghai station are coming, the welcome experiences game before broad player, see your work elegant demeanour become the person that first go ahead of the rest experiences first, will taste ancient bronze mirror to meet the player of the spot also need not regret, let us expect to IPad platform will be published by April together ” mob ” edition of experience of go ahead of the rest. A Hollywood that can play is big wait you are announced.

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