Recently, intermediary reported outside ” pocket monster GO ” inside measure up to date information, of test version ” pocket monster GO ” greeted version to update, monster of the pocket in new version changes to battle from the bout to battle type to be opposite immediately battle mode.

 Be in ” pocket monster GO ” in path house, occurrence red, yellow, blue becomes independent 3 times a group of people of same interest, the player needs to choose and join among them covey. The player can be in the path house that belongs to friendly phalanx battalion training, training is man-machine to battle, the system will distribute computer player for the player randomly, because this may appear,distribute the computer player that is the same as a team. The player was not being put into a PM by occupational path house, this house is in changeover the path house of a group of people of same interest into the player, the path house house that the player becomes this house advocate, the player becomes house house advocate the meeting other resembling of jian hou mian has an imperial crown to indicate.

 Path house training will use instant battle pattern and not be bout patternmaking type, the player can strike back immediately the attack of the other side. The battle shows the fictitious platform in map upper part, the player can see the closest pocket monster center all round oneself at the same time.

 The player is OK start house war to the path house of hostile a group of people of same interest, beat house of path of hostile a group of people of same interest to be able to reduce the prestige cost of this house considerably, have the prestige value of the half of grade of current talk house about. After the house is beaten, the path of hostile a group of people of same interest can be challenged again, but the HP that hostility defends house PM and condition can restore automatically. Be challenged ceaselessly and beat the path house of hostile a group of people of same interest, nod till the path house of this house (Gym Point) after clearing, this house can restore not by occupational indifferent (Neutral) condition. Limit of 120 seconds time also exists in the battle of path house battle, player after a PM is close to dead, can choose to whether give off a PM to continue to fight inside 120 seconds, but in instant battle cannot switch gives battle PM, strategy should notice when because this player is in,arranging PM to give battle order.

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