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A very popular view is: Ran can let a leg coarsen. Similar article travels extensively in network and friend circle, beautiful to love girls, ran became psychogenic disorder. Its1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Solid, should adjust only run appearance, take ran method seriously, this case won’t appear.

Ham runs thicker more, thin body expert tells you way of correct ran thin leg (1)

Say a kind of illusion first. Some people can feel when ran crus is very fatigue, have stretch tight closely feeling, think crus is in ” long thick ” , actually this is a kind of illusion more. Sarcous growth is far it is so easy to do not have you to imagine, Shanghai noble baby

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Especially female, the hormone that place of muscle of the synthesis inside body needs is secreted very little, form flesh very hardLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
The flesh. Most circumstance is the strut after moving as a result of crus muscle, do do drawing alleviates somewhat with massage meeting.

Ham is thick truly ” prime criminal ” it is adipose

In double leg not below emphatic circumstance, what always can rise with hand clutch is adipose. Decrease adipose more than adding muscle to should be gotten easily, after oxygen moves for some time, most meeting is adipose decrease, muscle is sent closely. Namely1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Say, ran won’t let a leg coarsen not only, still have the effect of thin leg.

Observe long-distance runner and dash athlete, appear to be able to reveal truth. Long-distance runningForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
The athlete’s figure often compares choice thin, line of leg ministry muscle looks more slender, crus is not thick, contrary line is very beautiful still. And muscle piece compares the leg ministry of dash athlete big, especially crus muscle is very strong.

Because conduce to with tiptoe be born when dash athlete ran,this is carry fast, this kind runs the law can be applied to crus muscle more, crus is so general brawnier. Sarcous grows to depend on the stimulation that you bring to it completely, long-distance running is finite to the stimulation of crus, won’t let crus coarsen.

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