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Each man hopes he has a strong body, so the life how should we move fitness? Have the good method of what fitness, let today small make up everybody to bring the simplest ran movement, so what does the advantage of ran have? We want to notice in the process of ranShanghai Long Feng forum

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Some the skill of ran. Study today’s this period the practice that knowledge allows you are relaxed gives good body.

 It is better that the man often does this motion to invite the body (1)

Ran can exercise our body, adjust our body and mind is healthy, so in the life IA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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People what problem should note?

The small method of athletic fitness has what


All the time since, ran, the motion with this combustion the simplest calorieShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
The form is attracting a French deeply.

In France, have even more ran of 8 million person. Besides kit of need a suit and a pair of comfortable running shoes, remain see you want not to act.

What ran can enhance us is healthy, it is a very good exerciseShanghai night net

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, in letting us also join the rank of ran, come.

If with 10 kilometers / when ran, can use up 500 calorie on average hourly.

Those who want an attention is, should maintain when ran loosen condition. Because canter for long,have a help more to adipose eduction.

Bicycle and swim

This is two slow combustion adiposeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Cycle the car is a kind of more satisfied enjoyment, want to insist to take exercise everyday only, and practice together with ran can have very pretty good effect.

Be ideal by bicycle is adipose ” burner ” , proposalFall in love with the sea

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Take exercise every week two arrive 3 times, every time 45 arrive 60 minutes.

No matter be,outdoors still is in the home, cause the loss of muscle or tendon rarely by bicycle, return those who conduce to cardiovascular system to move at the same time.

Differ according to individual constitution, can use up hourly by bicycle 300 to 500 calorie. Breaststroke, butterfly stroke, crawl, which kinds swim appearance is good!

Use up hourly 200 to 600 kilocalorie quantity of heat, mobile joint, loosen ego, exercise muscle, can shape the campaign of body form more than swimming without what.

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