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Children is outdoors fitness implement same method reducing weight, my son this year is 5 years old renown deputy itsShanghai Long Feng forum

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Honest young fat person, special at ordinary times lazy, do not like to move, special love snack and drink beverage, like to eat the meat particularlyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, every meal must want travel of ability having the flesh, her weight is the thing that I care most, did not let eat besides prandial and basic what now, see the child that has a lot of is enjoying outdoors fitness equipment a few days ago, he also wants to play, can be itself he is too fat it is dangerous that special ponderosity always appears. Have what what method can reduce weight besides gymnastical equipment.

Children is outdoors fitness implement same method reducing weight

Children is outdoors you can make gymnastical equipment push-up, or oneself take exercise with the clog tool that make, narrow be apart from push-up to exercise muscle, wide be apart from push-up to exercise pectoralis major. These are OK1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The result that reduce weight reachs since. MustLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The attention is safe.

Decrease hip: Bend over to go up in the bed, two legs unbend, do swim the action that takes water, two legs are raised up alternately, the start is a bit slow, hip ministry does not leave a bed. The left and right sides is each, 15 it is a group, make 3~4 group everyday. Decrease hip ministry: Side kicks a leg. Stand, left leg is raised sideways, maintain knee to side with ahead. Raise slowly, to you can susceptive is highest the position, put down slowly again. A side 15 it is a group, make 2~3 group everyday. Decrease ham: 1, ham inside: Do next crouching to move. Stand, bipod departure and shoulder are the same as wide, tiptoe is outward, several 1234 fall slowly crouch, crouch with the floor sincere parallel. Count 5678 again slow stations to rise. The calcaneal when crouching below does not want to raise, one1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Want to fall on the floor surely, and the movement wants slow. Every groups do 15, make 3~4 group everyday. 2, the side before ham: Alexandrine. Because this movement can exercise the muscle to the side before ham at the same time. 3, the side after ham: Stand. The movement of the leg is played after doing. The movement when doing also wants slow. 8 pat it is, every groups do 15, everyday 3~4 group. The body flexibility of everybody is different, not too loath oneself, lest pull injury muscle. Reduce a leg: Examine crus is fattiness little method is very simple, loosen leg ministry, hold the position of crus abdomen with finger next, the leg that can hold those who remove adipose layer easily to show you is adipose model, need is decreased if adipose layer is very thin,decreased ~ , light is muscle appears the leg is very thick, that is muscle model.

Above is the concerned children that I know outdoors fitness implement the content of same method reducing weight, what we want a child above all is healthy put in the first, cannot let the child be in danger to let the child reduce weight, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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This kind is decreased buttock and decrease ham a few methods, it is safer, won’t what danger exists, etc the child is a few poorer really arrive again outdoor enjoy gymnastical equipment.

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