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The practice of cucumber has a lot of, especially the child loves to eat particularly, it is to fry the flesh to still scramble egg no matter, have the taste of a faint scent. Nevertheless, major person can accept the method of cutlet of plain flavour cucumber. Cucumber cutlet is together very the dish of the daily life of a family of ward, cucumber has the taste of faint scent, and fried flesh can choose pork, also can choose beef. When fry whenShanghai Long Feng forum

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Await should notice duration, because cucumber had been fried very easily.

 The practice of cutlet of plain flavour cucumber

Cucumber fries cutlet is dish of a the daily life of a family is tasted, have Sichuan local color, gong Yanli of sauce of colour and lustre, cutlet slips tender, cucumber collapse is fragile, balmy and goluptious, main material has pork, cucumber, Jiang Pian, green paragraph, cooking oil, refined salt, soy, gourmet powder.

The material that make

Cooking oil 50 grams, refined salt 2 grams, soy 40 grams, gourmet powder 2 grams,

Thick broad-bean sauce one spoon green paragraph, Jiang Pian, garlic piece, water starch each are right amount

The method that make

The waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall after 1. general pork is abluent, approve the base of a fruit of the eliminate after sliver of slice; cucumber and seed, abluent

Cut piece stand-by.

In bowl of Cheng Fang of 2. general cutlet, join a few soy, refined salt and water starch to mix divide evenly. refined salt, soy, gourmet powder and water starch in full-dress bowl, mix dazzled juice.

3. heats fire of flourishing of the park that fry pan, pour cooking oil to burn to 7 when becoming heat, join thick broad-bean sauce,

After cutlet fan is being put to fry later, mix Jiang Pian, garlic piece with cucumber piece mix fry several times, rejoin dazzled juice,

Break up fry to thick stiff canShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Outfit having pot dish.

 The practice of cutlet of plain flavour cucumber

Practice 2

The cucumber that 1. poppyhead belt pricks two.

2. abluent section.

Section of 3. plum flesh, wine of feed in raw material, salt, unripe smoke, water starch souse 5 minutes. (Small doohickey: Do not jump to avoid the boiler below cutlet oily, do not stick boiler, bloat1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The flesh when right amount the oil that increase a point. )

4. flourishing baked wheaten cake heats up oil, next cutlet explode fry, break up fry to 7 minutes ripe can.

The cucumber that a moment ago had cut below 5. piece, break up together with cutlet fry. Fry to cucumber summary fade puts salt again right amount.

6. sees cucumber piece give soup juice to be able to remove boiler to install slightly dish. Fry too long melon piece not fragile. [1]

 The practice of cutlet of plain flavour cucumber

Characteristic specification

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A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

Work of the preparation in making wants sufficient. Cutlet, cucumber all is needed beforehand1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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First section;

Dazzled juice also should shift to an earlier date modulation, facilitate fry the get sth done without any letup when making, maintain itsForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Slip the peculiar mouthfeel with tender, fragile collapse.

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