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Pig hoof soup has effect of very good stimulate the secretion of milk. Especially to a few puerperas, in postpartum drink boiling water of hoof of a few pigs, what can make the body restores is faster, and also have certain profit to darling. It is us to average an ordinary person, drink soup of hoof of a few pigs to also can remove hairdressing raise more colour the effect. But pig hoof soup makes what bother quite however, pig hoof processing rises to also need regular method, what handle possibly otherwise is not quite clean.

How to do pig hoof boiling water

The the surface wool get rid of after 1. pig hoof is abluent is clean, half-and-half cleavages. (The vendor’s stand that this one pace can ask market advocate do sth for sb, otherwise with us the cutting tool with average household cleavages very hard pig hoof)

2. immerses earthnut, soya bean 15 minutes with cold water. The pig is put in the stockpotNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Hoof joins cold water to had done not have the surface 5 centimeters or so, heat water with conflagration, cast aside go surface layer float foam

3. turns into in small fire, perhaps pour pig hoof into electronic soup Bao. Add the spice such as green, ginger, anise, caoguo, Chinese prickly ash, build1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Stew slowly 1 hour

After 4. soup juice chases gradual change thick color to bleach, enter earthnut, soya bean, and immersing water, continue to stew half hour

5. soya bean is crisp red jujube is joined after rotting, continue to stew 20-30 cent with small fire1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Bell can

How to do pig hoof boiling water

Dietary little common sense

1, pig hoof contains rich collagen protein, very important to the girl with beautiful love. This Shang Zhong still added earthnut, soya bean, red jujube, nutrition is very rich, already can the United States is white, can add our cutaneous flexibility again, earthnut and red jujube can promote more redness of skin and perky. Often edible this soup, need not make up can beautiful went out!

2, pig hoof can be in a supermarket or market is bought, very common had better buy so fresh, do not buy the sort of freezing, the boiling water that has warmed tastes very raw meat or fish. By right of us the cutting tool in the home dissections pig hoof very hard, so this one pace still spreads out please advocate help, safer also. The pig hoof of redemptive home if hair needs careful eliminate more quite clean, perhaps put on fire to be baked, very easy with respect to take out;

How to do pig hoof boiling water

3, the boiler below pig hoof cold waterNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
, must float foam purify clean, stew the soup facial expression that give finally the milk is white, the flesh also is met character particularly crisp sodden. Earthnut and soya bean immerse to be thoroughlied cook more easily ahead of schedule, if immerse water is cleaner, can fall in a Bao in soup, smell is more sweet also some thicker;

4, carelessShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The flavor such as fruit, anise is OKA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Go very well raw meat or fish, so Shang Li does not add cooking wine again, the measure of flavor also should not pass much. The pig hoof soup with good Bao can drink boiling water first with taking the advantage of heat, eat earthnut, final pig hoof is dipping in soy eats together, particularly special sweet!

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